Nationals at Braves Game 2 Preview….

Fredi Gonzalez and the Braves are in dire need of a win to keep alive the last vestiges of playoff hopes.  Realizing that, Fredi put together his lineup today based on…voodoo?  Random draws out of a hat?  Consulting the Psychic Friends Network?   It isn’t going to happen.  The Braves will lose,  the Nationals will celebrate on our field, people will call Bryce Harper a dick because we lost, and fans will call for everyone, including Homer, to be fired.  Especially Homer, probably.  We try to hard for homers anyway, I’m told.

Aaron Harang (11-10, 3.72 ERA / 3.51 FIP) takes the mound against Tanner Roark (13-10, 2.96 ERA / 3.54 FIP).  The only ballplayer I know of named Tanner was a little scrappy kid from the Bad News Bears.  He hustled, too.

We’re screwed. I hate baseball.


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Chris Jervis is an accountant in the Atlanta area. He's long had an interest in baseball, and, being a numbers nerd, loves analyzing player performances. He also likes to argue and is kind of an ass.

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