If the Atlanta Braves Sign Ben Zobrist, Watch the Dominoes Fall

Ben Zobrist takes BP during the 2015 World Series. (Photo Credit: Arturo Pardavila III)

Hello folks, my name is Dan, and I LOVE the Atlanta Braves (AA style reciprocal greeting ensues). I know a lot of you all do, as well.. However, this extreme admiration shouldn’t prohibit a common sense, unbiased approach.

That being said, allow me to offer you a glimpse into my way of thinking. As you all are aware by now, the Braves appear to be in on the Ben Zobrist sweepstakes. Personally, I would be all for this! Can’t go wrong with him at second.

But what do you do with Jace Peterson? Quite the conundrum, indeed … No it’s not.

IF the Atlanta Braves do in fact sign Zobrist, what do they do with ‘Jace on Base’? What I would do … offer him up for trade, with a few others.

Jace started out well last season, his first full season in the Major Leagues. If the Braves sign Zobrist, we’re looking at a log-jam in the infield now, to go along with the still overloaded (and over-aged) outfield. Let’s be honest here, Adonis Garcia is not our 3B of the future.

That should be Hector Olivera‘s job, to lose. Adonis is an outfielder by trade. Although, I hear he’s really working hard in the Winter Leagues. Yet the Braves have other ideas … surprise, surprise, surprise. Yes, that’s a Gomer Pyle reference.


If they are dead set on Olivera in the outfield, then move Peterson. With a middle infield of Aybar and Zobrist and Freddie Freeman still hanging on to 1B, you’re only left with questions at 3rd.

What if the Braves pull a rabbit out of the hat and ink Todd Frazier? WHAT!?!?

How’s that infield strike you? Not too shabby, huh? OK, so the fantasy stays a fantasy … or does it?

If you put up Jace, Julio Teheran, and another one of our supposed studs-in-waiting pitchers, maybe two, you could fathom a respectable return, right? Would more than just Frazier need to come to Atlanta for that deal to get done? How much longer can Frazier play the game? Yes, he’s young, but he’s no spring chicken either.

What other options do you think could materialize if the Braves do sign Zobrist? Are there better options other than Frazier? Yeah, there is. Well then, who? Let’s hear your Arm-Chair GM proposals.


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Dan Horton has loved the Braves all his life. His favorite all-time Brave is Dale Murphy, as is many other long time Braves fans. Dan was born in Louisville, KY and grew up an Army Brat, then joined the Army himself in 2003. He is still active duty stationed in Maryland. Dan calls Manhattan, KS home and is currently attending Arizona State University (Online) Majoring in Mass Communications and Media Studies.

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