Atlanta Braves Non-Tender Three and Keep a Hall of Famer

Braves Non-Tender Minor, Ciriaco, and Perez

This week, the Atlanta Braves non-tendered three players, essentially granting them free agency. Mike Minor and Pedro Ciriaco were no surprise. However, Eury Perez was.

Braves beat writer, Mark Bowman, feels that the Braves could still re-sign Minor. I for one, hope that isn’t the case.

Minor as we know, was arbitration eligible, as was Ciriaco.  Perez however, wasn’t.  That’s what kind of makes his non-tendering puzzling. I guess though, if I think about it, it’s not that confusing.

Perez was on a team with an overloaded, yet older, outfield. The team had just signed free agent utility infielder Gordon Beckham. So I guess the writing was on the wall.

Gordo is a proven, but average player. He brings some value, but I don’t know if it will be better or worse compared to Perez. I guess we’ll see, there’s always the possibility that the team could re-sign him, but I doubt it.


Atlanta Extends Hall of Famer Bobby Cox

News broke today that the Braves agreed to an extension with Hall of Famer Bobby Cox. I’m not so sure I quite agree with this.

I love Bobby, I do. He’s done a lot for this franchise over the years. But there are a few in Braves Country who think it’s time for the old man to step away from the team, or at least take a more subdued role. I fall into the latter of that sentiment.

I don’t think he needs to go completely away, but I also don’t think he should have as big a role as he’s perceived to have. As long as Bobby is helping make decisions, or at least offering input, we may never see the end of the Fredi Gonzalez era.

Now, don’t misinterpret that last part. Fredi has done about as good of a job as you could ask for. Especially with the roster he was given last season. That’s even more evident now. This extension of Mr. Cox, tells me that Fredi G. is with us for at least the same amount of time. Fredi will now get the same benefit of the doubt that he got last season.

You need proof of Cox’s involvement level?

” … Has input in all areas of baseball operations.”

This roster has seen so much turnover … well, it’s actually been more turn, I’m still waiting on the over part to materialize. As I was saying, this roster has seen so many go already, that Fredi’s leash will be two years longer now. No one is going to expect him to produce a winner in 2016; not with these Bad News Bears.

Here’s to hoping that Braves can get some more “over” to go along with the “turn”, even with Bobby in the mix. But I will say this about the man, he loves what the “Johns” are doing right now.

Maybe Bobby is giving them pointers on how he did it back in the day.


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