Podcast To Be Named Later: Episode #1 – 1/9/16

We at Outfield Fly Rule are happy to announce episode #1 of PTBNL – the Podcast To Be Named Later!

In today’s first episode:

  • Hall of Fame discussion
  • Hall of Fame related trivia
  • Braves new player discussion
  • Mailbag time

We sincerely hope you enjoy it. It was our first crack at this thing, so I feel confident telling you this is the worst we’re probably ever going to be. ┬áTypical episodes will likely run shorter, but with the HOF as such a big topic and it being our first time getting chatty with the record button on, this one was lengthier.

We’re working on getting it onto iTunes, and it very well could be by the time this post goes up, but as of now you can only download it from here.

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Brent Blackwell also writes for College Football By The Numbers at www.cfbtn.com.

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