It’s time to show off your football trivia knowledge….

HMWhich player holds the record for the longest play in Super Bowl history? Who was the first African-American player to win the Heisman Trophy? NFL stars Amani Toomer and Maurice Jones-Drew attended what high school that was famous for its record 151-game winning streak, the longest such streak at any level of organized football?  If you answered Jacoby Jones, Ernie Davis, and De La Salle High School, then you may have what it takes to win some cash and swag.

Full Contact Trivia launches its annual March Trivia Madness on February 13th with the 10th Annual Trivia Bowl, a contest designed to test your knowledge, memory and recall of the most popular sport in America. Teams from all over the area will line up to test their mettle against one another.  The show will consist of 20 questions about football of any type–pro, college, and, yes, even Canadian football.  Cash and prizes are awarded to the top teams, and delicious pitchers of machine-crafted American goodness are awarded randomly to participating teams. Individual players may also be enshrined into the Ancient and Mysterious Order of the Tassel, reserved for only the MVPs of FCT tournament level shows.



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WHAT: 10th Annual Trivia Bowl

WHEN: Saturday, February 13, 2016 – 8:00 PM

WHERE: The Hail Mary Sports Pub 1950 Grayson Hwy Suite 140, Grayson, GA 30017 (770) 963-0205

WHAT ELSE: Entry fees ($30 per team) can be paid at the door.


The Playbook

Teams can consist of any number of players, although team sizes of 5-7 players are the most manageable.  The entry fee is $30 per team, and all entry fees are recycled in the form of prizes.  The event will be taking place on February 13th, 2016.  Kickoff is at 8:00 PM.  The festivities will be held at the fabulous Hail Mary Sports Pub in Grayson, GA.

Hail Mary features a fine IPA from our friends at Dry County Brewing Company.

Full Contact Trivia is arguably most popular pub trivia company in the Metro Atlanta and Athens area. FCT was recently awarded “Best Trivia” by the readers of the Athens Banner-Herald for their show at The Blind Pig in Athens, GA. In addition, FCT has won best trivia accolades from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Flagpole Magazine, Creative Loafing, the Athens Banner-Herald, and others.  The “Triviaheads”, as their followers are called, have won many other trivia tournaments, including taking First, Second, and Third place at the 2015 Trivia Super Bowl held by sports-talk radio station 960 The Ref.


FCT also hosts the following tournaments every year:

  •  The Fall Classic – A baseball-only themed show held near the World Series;
  • The Etta James Memorial – Music trivia, featuring nearly any music question you can think of;
  • Night At The Movies – Trivia about movies, performers, and the Academy Awards;
  • March Trivia Madness – A 10-week long cumulative tourney that rewards endurance, perseverance, and dedication, this is the largest and grandest of the tourneys;
  • The Pairs Game – A general trivia show featuring teams consisting of two people only;
  • World Cup of Trivia – A trivia elimination tourney modeled after the World Cup.


Pay the prosper respects to JuJu, lest ye be cursed. Liquor, money, sexual favors...he cares not.
Pay the proper respects to JuJu, lest ye be cursed. Liquor, money, sexual favors…he cares not.

In addition to being a tremendous tournament itself, the Trivia Bowl marks the kickoff of the most grueling, draining, and competitive trivia series in the pub trivia industry–March Trivia Madness.  Teams will compete nightly for 10 weeks, often forsaking friendships and clean criminal records, for the chance to qualify for an appearance at Super Saturday.  The questions are tough.  The rewards are worthwhile. The race for the St. Patrick’s Cup is akin to Hell Week, The Crucible, and two-a-days in July.  Try it once, and you will never go back to those guys using a Mr. Microphone and last night’s Jeopardy questions.

FCT questions are not for the faint of heart, but the trivia experience is better than any other you will encounter. If you have what it takes to challenge OFR’s own Brent Blackwell or Chris Jervis, or any of the other Triviaheads, come on down to Hail Mary Pub with your friends.  Even the last place team wins something.  If you want to get a feel for a FCT experience before the tournament, a list of shows can be found here.

Sack up. Have some pride. Play the best.

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Chris Jervis is an accountant in the Atlanta area. He’s long had an interest in baseball, and, being a numbers nerd, loves analyzing player performances. He also likes to argue and is kind of an ass.

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