Braves Transactions: 7/24/17 – The Jaime Garcia Trade

Looking like Atlanta, Feeling Minnesota

Traded LHP Jaime Garcia, C Anthony Recker, and $100,000 to Minnesota Twins for RHP Huascar Ynoa.

Activated C Kurt Suzuki from the bereavement list.

Recalled RHP Matt Wisler from AAA Gwinnett.

Demoted RHP Andres Santiago from AAA Gwinnett to A+ Florida.

Promoted RHP Evan Phillips from A+ Florida to AAA Gwinnett.

Promoted LHP Troy Conyers from GCL Braves to A- Rome.

RHP Huascar Ynoa is the newest member of the Braves organization. (Michael Grennell/

Traded Jaime Garcia, C Anthony Recker, and $100,000 to Minnesota Twins for RHP Huascar Ynoa

At first glance, it’s an underwhelming return. But at second glance, it’s probably fitting, because, if you’re a team with playoff hopes, Jaime Garcia is a pretty underwhelming acquisition. The best word I can find for Garcia’s season so far is “stable”, and stability is what Atlanta was selling. Otherwise, it’s hard to get excited about a 4.30 ERA / 4.16 FIP / 4.86 DRA pitcher who doesn’t strike many batters out or do a particularly great job limiting home runs. That’s not a terrible pitcher I just described, but it’s not one that’s going to carry you into the playoffs or get you farther once you’re there. He’s a #4 or #5 starter, and he’s not particularly cheap. There’s just not a ton of surplus trade value attached to Garcia, who is a free agent at the conclusion of the season.

If there were such a thing as the Fraternal Order of Replacement Backstops, FORB would doubtless adorn its walls with paintings of esteemed members like Wil Nieves, Jason LaRue, and Kelly Shoppach. Anthony Recker should get a painting as well, because he’s certainly in the club. Catchers like Recker are in demand – every team prefers to stash one in AAA in case of emergency. However, they’re also in great supply. That’s why you often see them traded this time of year. Some team with playoff aspirations needs an insurance policy for their pitchers if their catcher hits the DL. They just want someone who can step in without embarrassing himself. They want a member of FORB. They want Anthony Recker. But they don’t want to pay too much for him, and they want the option of DFA’ing him at a whim, so the Braves had to send $100,000 as well.

As OFR prospect guru Andy Harris described him last night, Ynoa is a talented player, but he’s one that is a bit of a long shot at this point. He won’t grace the lists of Atlanta’s top prospects, unless those lists have more than 30 or so names. Check out Harris’ article for the full scoop on Ynoa. A flawed but talented teenage lottery ticket is probably as much as one could ask in return for 2 fairly expensive months of Jaime Garcia. While he’s not a prospect of great significance, he’s also not organizational filler, so keep your eye on Ynoa’s development going forward. It may never come, but if it does, he’s capable of very good things.

Activated C Kurt Suzuki from the bereavement list

Suzuki’s return was the impetus for Recker’s inclusion in the deal, it seems. Suzuki is having one of the best seasons of his career, so hopefully his return to the field will mean a return to the progress he made both at and behind the plate.

Recalled RHP Matt Wisler from AAA Gwinnett

The question in Atlanta following Garcia’s trade was, “Who takes his place?” While this seems like the answer is Wisler, word around the organization yesterday seemed to suggest the answer is Aaron Blair, for now. That means Wisler’s stay may be brief. His performance on the field this year (8.53 ERA / 5.54 FIP / 7.71 DRA) suggests he’s lucky to even have a brief call-up.

Demoted RHP Andres Santiago from AAA Gwinnett to A+ Florida

I said to keep the bag packed, Andres.

Promoted RHP Evan Phillips from A+ Florida to AAA Gwinnett

Phillips returns without pitching for Florida, which suggests his demotion wasn’t a demotion as much  as a “wait here until you can pitch again” kind of move. The Braves make a lot of moves like that, if you haven’t noticed.

Promoted LHP Troy Conyers from GCL Braves to A- Rome

Conyers is a 23 year old lefty reliever taken in the 23rd round of this year’s draft. Through his first 14 professional innings, he allowed 9 baserunners, 1 unearned run, and struck out 19 batters. Considering all that – particularly his age and role – it’s little surprise to see him promoted quickly. Metro Atlanta will be rooting hard for Conyers to make it, because Art Decatur and Ed McDonough both died years ago, and 2004 46th round pick Marcus Covington never panned out.

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