Braves Offseason Priorities in a Post-Coppy World

October 9, 2017 Andy Harris 1

On Sunday, October 1, I posted a comedy piece on this very website that said the Braves top offseason priority was trading Matt Kemp to open up a starting outfield spot for Braves top prospect Ronald Acuna. Now, at the time I didn't realize it was comedy. But like the clueless dad on a typical…

A Podcast To Be Named Later: Episode 24 – Down Goes Coppy

October 3, 2017 Chris Jervis 1

Welcome to the newest episode of A Podcast To Be Named Later! A Podcast To Be Named Later is a weekly podcast covering the Atlanta Braves and other baseball news from the authors at If you haven’t checked it out before, listen to some of our previous podcasts here. Today, on Episode 24: Down Goes…

The Braves Top Offseason Priority: Parting Ways With Matt Kemp

October 1, 2017 Andy Harris 1

As my colleague Dylan Short recently wrote, 2018 will be pivotal season for the Atlanta Braves. For the first time, a good portion of the roster should be filled with young talent originally brought into the organization through the rebuilding process. The team already seems to have shifted gears from trading off core major league…

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