Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Outfield Fly Rule!

Four years ago Tuesday, Brent Blackwell and I embarked on a whim. We were both active in some Atlanta Braves related Facebook groups in which we often found ourselves having to correct or explain the same things many, many times. We finally decided that instead of writing the same explanation 25 times, it might be easier to write it one time in a central location, and simply link to that. We wrangled over trying to find a name that was unique enough to separate us from the well known big boys while also being easily identifiable as an Atlanta Braves-oriented page. As is usually the case, it was Brent who came up with the big hit, and thus, Outfield Fly Rule was born.

We initially started off simply writing as a hobby when transactions occurred, or when ideas hit us. It was a labor of love to write about the team that caused us such angst. Equal parts frustration and therapy, particularly in the last several years. Welcome to sports in Georgia. But I digress.

Since the start, we have always hoped to stay away from trying to be “first” or trying to simply draw in readers with clickbait-y articles and headlines. Instead we have hoped to strive for accuracy and reason. We know we have not been as active as some other Braves oriented sites. Rather, we have always tried to offer a better quality of articles instead of a larger quantity of articles. We’ve added a few writers since then who hold similar ideals, even if they often have different views on the team or individual players.

Andy Harris was recruited from one of those Facebook groups we prowled. He has been a tremendous asset, and for a long time, the primary content provider. Andy is indispensable in his coverage of the Atlanta Braves minor league system and the prospects within it. You can follow Andy on Twitter.

Micah Smith was in those original Facebook groups with us, and he came on board shortly after we started up. Micah is great at analyzing players and putting things in perspective. You can follow Micah on Twitter.

Dylan Short was recommended to us by friend of OFR Josh Brown from Knockahoma Nation. Dylan does not rely on sabermetric analysis as much as some of us, and he brings a different view that is sometimes lost on thus of us who dive deep into numbers. Dylan also hosts his own podcast called Shellshocked that covers not only the Braves, but the Falcons, baseball and football in general, and other manly pursuits. Check it out here. You can also follow Dylan on Twitter.

Dan Horton guest writes on occasion for us. Dan has written for Tomahawk Take and has recently joined Knockahoma Nation, as well. You can follow Dan on Twitter.

Philip Tapley runs the Modern Pastime blog and contributes to us on occasion. You can follow Philip on Twitter.

Outfield Fly Rule has experienced great growth, and these writers have contributed to it. Brent and I want to recognize them publicly for their efforts. We also want to thank our colleagues in the Braves blogging family who have helped promote us.

But more importantly, we would like to thank the readers and followers of Outfield Fly Rule. Without all of you pushing us to be better, we would still just be two guys with a domain name. At least now, we have a lot of supporters and readers to go with that domain name. Hopefully we can continue to entertain and inform as we have in the past, and hopefully we can improve upon any shortcomings we may have.

All of us here at Outfield Fly Rule would like to thank you for being followers and readers. We wish you a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. Thanks for the last four years. Please enjoy this time with your friends and family, and please be safe in your travels.

Now, let’s turn this bish up!



Brent, Chris, and the guys


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Chris Jervis is an accountant in the Atlanta area. He's long had an interest in baseball, and, being a numbers nerd, loves analyzing player performances. He also likes to argue and is kind of an ass.

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