DOB: 6/20/90
6-0, 185 lbs

Acquired: Signed as minor league free agent (11/16)
Current Salary: Minor league contract
Team Control: through 2017 (MiLB) / 6 seasons MLB

Combined WAR: (no MLB debut)

The Outfield Fly Ruling

Avila became a MiLB free agent at the end of 2016, and after some time looking good in the Mexican League, he signed a minor league deal with the Braves. He’s an unlikely call-up, but not an impossible one. He just needs a lot to come together. If he can maintain his decent walk rates, boost his K rate, and maybe, occasionally, get the batter to hit the ball on the ground, then, if you squint hard enough, you could see an up-and-down AAAA reliever. (- B. Blackwell, ’16-’17 offseason)

OFR Articles on Avila

The OFR Scouting Report

Pitch Arsenal: n/a

Stamina – 30

Avila has made 3 starts over the last two years, so he appears to have more potential for deeper outings than a regular reliever, but for the most part, Avila is limited to relief duty.

Walk Avoidance – 45 

Avila doesn’t let walks beat him, but he’s not extraordinary when it comes to avoiding them.

Strikeout Ability – 40 ↑↑↑↑

The strikeouts have been inconsistent in the minors, but he’s shown flashes of much more. There’s upside in this department, and I imagine Avila needs to realize that upside to make a MLB career of it.

Groundball Induction: 20

Avila is an extreme flyball pitcher, and it gets him into HR trouble. He seems unlikely to develop into a groundball pitcher, which puts even more pressure on that K% going forward.


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