Throws: LHP

DOB: 6/26/1995
H/W: 6-0, 230

Acquired: Drafted 799th overall (27th round) in the 2016 amateur draft.
Current Salary: Minor league contract
Team Control: through 2022 (MiLB) / 6 seasons MLB

Combined WAR: (no MLB debut)

The Outfield Fly Ruling

A 27th rounder from Davenport, Clouse caught the eye of some scouts, when, over his first 6 2/3 innings of rookie ball, he struck out 16 batters. He has a titillating fastball/slider combo that could be devastating out of the pen if he can ever get the walks under control. There’s potential, but profiles like this flame out all the time, so follow with caution. (- B. Blackwell, 5/17)

OFR Articles About Clouse

The OFR Scouting Report

Pitch Arsenal:

Stamina – 20

Walk Avoidance – 20 ↑↑

Strikeouts – 50 ↑↑↑↑

Groundball Rate – 40

20-80 scale, where 20 will prevent you from reaching the bigs, 30 is terrible, 40 is below average, 50 is MLB average, 60 is plus, 70 is plus-plus, and 80 is HOF-level. The OFR Scouting Report is based mostly on statistical forecasting models such as ZiPs, PECOTA, etc. Arrows indicate projected room for growth or decline, with each representing a 5 point movement on the 20-80 scale.



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