(Photo: NIKOLAUS – Carolina Mudcats)

Position: SS/2B
Bats: S
Throws: R

DOB: 12/13/93
H/W: 6-0, 160 lbs

Acquired: July 2 International Signing (2010)
Current Salary: TBA
Team Control: 1 season MiLB (2017) / 6 seasons MLB

Combined WAR: (no MLB debut)

The Outfield Fly Ruling

Camargo has skills individually similar to many big-leaguers, but the combination for now keeps him as a AAAA up and down guy. Third base defense with a shortstop’s bat isn’t an all-star profile. The defense is good enough to stick at shortstop, but “good enough” is kind of it. If the bat improves, there’s maybe a second-division 3B here with elite-ish defense, but there’s no telling if it will. He’s talented and still pretty young, so perhaps he develops into a starter. Just don’t be surprised when he doesn’t.

OFR Articles About Camargo

The OFR Scouting Report

Hit – 35 ↑↑

He can make contact, but will it be hard enough to ever be more than a .250 hitter?

Power – 30 ↑↑

The power, if it ever comes, will be mostly of the gap variety, but a 30 2B / 8 HR profile isn’t useless.

Speed – 45

Camargo may be rail thin, but his agility doesn’t suggest it. In 5 years of minor league baseball, he is 21 for 37 in stolen base attempts. But he’s a shortstop! Sure, he’s passable there thanks to his arm, but he’s most like a SS at the plate.

Defense – 50

Camargo has a great arm, and it helps elevate his mediocre range enough to make him an ok SS. He’d be better at 3rd, where his skills are much more suitable, but the bat isn’t remotely suitable for 3rd.

20-80 scale, where 20 will prevent you from reaching the bigs, 30 is terrible, 40 is below average, 50 is MLB average, 60 is plus, 70 is plus-plus, and 80 is HOF-level. The OFR Scouting Report is based mostly on statistical forecasting models such as ZiPs, PECOTA, etc. Arrows indicate projected room for growth or decline, with each representing a 5 point movement on the 20-80 scale.


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