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Andy Harris has been a baseball fan since seeing the Big Red Machine in 1978 and hardcore baseball fan since reading Bill James's Historical Baseball Abstract in 1990. Andy moved to the Atlanta area in 1991, which turned out to be a pretty good year for the local team.

Braves System Depth 2018: Right Field

February 8, 2018 Andy Harris 0

For the last three seasons, right field has been manned by Nick Markakis, Professional Hitter. Despite the expectations of many, Markakis is one again likely to be the primary right fielder. Last season Braves right fielders provided the 21st-most value at the position according to fWAR. ALSO IN THIS SERIES: First Base Second Base Third…

Braves System Depth 2018: Centerfield

February 7, 2018 Andy Harris 0

One of the few areas where the John Coppolella-lead Braves front office made a trade to immediately strengthen the major league roster during the course of the rebuild was in acquiring outfielder Ender Inciarte in the 2015 offseason trade of Shelby Miller to the Arizona Diamondbacks, and he's helped make center field one of the…

Braves System Depth 2018: Left Field

February 6, 2018 Andy Harris 0

Near the trade deadline in 2016, the Braves hoped they had stopped the merry-go-round of mediocrity in left field when they traded for Matt Kemp from the San Diego Padres. Kemp provided a much-needed power infusion to the Braves offense, and from the time of the trade through April 7, 2017 Kemp hit .296/.349/.561 with…

Braves System Depth 2018: Catcher

February 5, 2018 Andy Harris 0

According to Fangraphs, no team in the major leagues last season extracted more value from the catching position than the Atlanta Braves. The Flozuki tandem was so successful, the Braves moved quickly to keep the two around for another year. Down on the farm though, the Braves are growing an intriguing crop of potential big…

Braves System Depth 2018: Shortstop

February 2, 2018 Andy Harris 0

If you ask many Braves fans what their most disappointing trade during the rebuild was, the answer would be the trade that sent shortstop Andrelton Simmons to the Angels for shortstop Erick Aybar and right-handers Sean Newcomb and Chris Ellis. Of those three players, only Newcomb is still in the organization; Aybar was traded to…

Braves System Depth 2018: Third Base

February 1, 2018 Andy Harris 0

Since the retirement of Hall-of-Famer Chipper Jones after the 2012 season, Atlanta Braves third basemen have accumulated 7.1 fWAR. In other words, it has taken five years for Braves third baseman to accumulate as much value as Jones did by himself in 2008. By Fangraphs reckoning, Braves third basemen finished 27th out of 30 teams in…

Braves System Depth 2018: Second Base

January 31, 2018 Andy Harris 0

ALSO IN THIS SERIES: First Base Third Base Shortstop Catcher Left Field The loss of the 13 international prospects in the wake of the Coppolella/Blakeley bundling scandal had it's most dramatic impact on the depth charts for the middle infield positions. What's left over is a little less than exciting, but fortunately 2017 saw the…

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