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Andy Harris has been a baseball fan since seeing the Big Red Machine in 1978 and hardcore baseball fan since reading Bill James’s Historical Baseball Abstract in 1990. Andy moved to the Atlanta area in 1991, which turned out to be a pretty good year for the local team.

Hot Stove: Atlanta Braves Week-In-Review, November 6

November 6, 2017 Andy Harris 0

Hey folks, this is the first Hot Stove weekly review column of the offseason. The World Series is over, and eligible players have filed for free agency. Here's some dates to keep in mind as we go through what should be a fascinating and important offseason for the Atlanta Braves. November 6: Major and minor league…

Fifty Prospects In Fifty Days: #46 Jefrey Ramos and #45 Derian Cruz

October 23, 2017 Andy Harris 0

Welcome to the first installment of OFR's top prospect countdown, Fifty Prospects In Fifty Days. Every other day, we will post a breakdown of two Braves prospects, counting down to number 1 which should be revealed in December (spoiler alert: it's Ronald Acuna). Today I'm looking at a couple of Danville Braves teammates and fellow…

Braves Offseason Priorities in a Post-Coppy World

October 9, 2017 Andy Harris 1

On Sunday, October 1, I posted a comedy piece on this very website that said the Braves top offseason priority was trading Matt Kemp to open up a starting outfield spot for Braves top prospect Ronald Acuna. Now, at the time I didn't realize it was comedy. But like the clueless dad on a typical…

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