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Chris Jervis is an accountant in the Atlanta area. He's long had an interest in baseball, and, being a numbers nerd, loves analyzing player performances. He also likes to argue and is kind of an ass.

The Atlanta Braves trade two minor leaguers for LHP Brian Matusz and the #76 pick

May 23, 2016 Chris Jervis 0

On Monday evening, the Atlanta Braves traded minor leaguers RHP Brandon Barker and LHP Trevor Belicek to the Baltimore Orioles for LHP Brian Matusz and Baltimore's 2nd Round supplemental pick (#76 overall) in next month's amateur draft. https://twitter.com/DOBrienAJC/status/734903031771189248 The trade now gives the Braves  five of the first 80 picks in the draft. Atlanta owns…

It’s time to show off your football trivia knowledge….

February 10, 2016 Chris Jervis 0

Which player holds the record for the longest play in Super Bowl history? Who was the first African-American player to win the Heisman Trophy? NFL stars Amani Toomer and Maurice Jones-Drew attended what high school that was famous for its record 151-game winning streak, the longest such streak at any level of organized football?  If…

The Atlanta Braves Are Planning To Exceed Spending Cap

January 26, 2016 Chris Jervis 0

The Atlanta Braves are set to blow past the international spending cap.   A report from Ben Badler of Baseball America came out today, in which Badler identified three teams that seem to be setting up to be big players in the international free agent signing period this year. The Atlanta Braves, the Washington Nationals,…

Answers On The Fly: Snowmageddon 2016 Edition

January 25, 2016 Chris Jervis 1

Answers On The Fly: A Reader Mailbag Welcome to Answers On The Fly. Answers On The Fly is a weekly reader mailbag feature in which our writers give insight into questions fans are asking. Our research department collects these questions via email,  Twitter, and Facebook, and also scours the four corners of roughly Tucker, GA, to…

Answers On The Fly: No Gnews Is Good Gnews Edition

January 18, 2016 Chris Jervis 0

  Answers On The Fly: A Reader Mailbag Welcome to another installment of Answers On The Fly. Answers On The Fly  is a weekly feature in which we answer questions submitted by our readers. Reader queries are researched by our writing staff, who are highly trained in the ancient and mystical art of Googlejutsu. Submit your questions the…

Answers On The Fly: Nothing To See Here Edition

January 11, 2016 Chris Jervis 0

Answers On The Fly: A Reader Mailbag Welcome to another installment of Answers On The Fly. Answers On The Fly  is our reader mailbag feature, in which we answer questions sent in to us by our readers. Questions are generally related to the Atlanta Braves, but can also involve college football, good movies, good beer,…

MLB Hall of Fame 2016: My Selections

January 6, 2016 Chris Jervis 2

  My 2016 MLB Hall of Fame Selections On Wednesday (January 6th), MLB will announce the 2016 inductees into the MLB Hall of Fame. The voting for Hall of Fame inclusion always brings about great debate about who is worthy, what numbers are needed, and who is left on the outside looking in. Some players,…

Answers On The Fly: Merry New Year Edition

January 4, 2016 Chris Jervis 0

Answers On The Fly: A Reader Mailbag Answers On The Fly is our (somewhat) weekly feature where we answer questions submitted by our readers. Mailbag questions can cover a variety of topics and give us a good reading on the interests of you, the reader. Your questions are answered by the expert writing staff at Outfield Fly Rule,…

Answers On The Fly: We Own Dave Stewart Edition

December 14, 2015 Chris Jervis 0

  Answers On The Fly: A Reader Mailbag Answers On The Fly is our weekly feature where we answer questions from you, the dear reader. Topics range from the Atlanta Braves to college football to good beer to whatever the readers care to ask. Sometimes our answers on the fly are coherent and rationale; other…

The Atlanta Braves Make A Rule 5 Selection

December 10, 2015 Chris Jervis 0

In today's Rule 5 Draft, the Atlanta Braves selected LHP Evan Rutckyj from the New York Yankees. The 23-year old Canadian will have to remain on the Braves roster for the season or be offered back to the Yankees (after first being exposed to the other 28 teams via waivers). Rutckyj (pronounced ROOT-ski) is a…

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