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Chris Jervis is an accountant in the Atlanta area. He's long had an interest in baseball, and, being a numbers nerd, loves analyzing player performances. He also likes to argue and is kind of an ass.

Answers on the Fly: Reader Mailbag

November 2, 2015 Chris Jervis 0

We are beginning a new column here at Outfield Fly Rule called "Answers On The Fly"  This is  a reader mailbag column, where you, the reader, ask your burning questions to be answered by our experts. We use the term "expert" somewhat loosely in this case, as the questions will be answered by OFR writers Brent Blackwell, Micah Smith,…

State of the Atlanta Braves Address

September 30, 2015 Chris Jervis 4

Today, the President of Baseball Operations for the Atlanta Braves, John Hart, held a conference call with media and select season ticket holders, during which he gave an update and an outlook on the upcoming off-season. There was no major news or earth-shaking announcement, but rather a series of updates and clarifications for this and…

2015 MLB Reverse Standings

September 20, 2015 Chris Jervis 1

Draft position for the MLB First Player Draft (the Rule 4 draft ) is determined by the Reverse Standings, or the reverse order of finish in the 2015 season. In addition to their normal draft slots, teams are awarded compensation picks (if they failed to sign a draft pick in their previous draft) and competitive balance…

Atlanta Braves Trade Jonny Gomes

August 31, 2015 Chris Jervis 1

The Atlanta Braves signed Jonny Gomes as a free agent in the off-season in part to provide veteran leadership and mentor Freddie Freeman and Andrelton Simmons in their roles as team leaders. Gomes has been cited as a positive influence on the locker room and a player whose influence far outweighed his very pedestrian on-field…

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