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The Notorious B.O.G. The Braves Roster Nerd. Boggie. Voted "Most Informative" in the 2017 #BravesFamSuperlatives. Braves Options Guy has earned many different monikers as he has developed a following in the Twitterverse by providing easy to understand breakdowns of payroll, player options, and other Atlanta Braves transactions. You can follow him on Twitter at @BravesOptions. *Taking a temporary sabbatical from Twitter.*

Pondering Future Atlanta Braves Roster Moves

August 21, 2017 Braves Options Guy 8

With the Atlanta Braves' 2017 season entering the final stretch, many fans have turned their attentions to the upcoming offseason. Much has been written about a potential impending roster crunch for the Braves, as they have many players eligible for the Rule 5 Draft in December, and many players that other teams would be willing…

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