My Favorite Don Baylor Story

August 7, 2017 Chris Jervis 0

The Austin American-Statesman announced today that long-time baseball player, coach, and manager Don Baylor passed away this morning at the age of 68. Baylor succumbed after a long battle with multiple myeloma, a form of cancer. We at Outfield Fly Rule pass along our condolences to the family, friends, and co-workers of Mr. Baylor. Don…

Slimming Down Time of Game

March 2, 2017 Andy Harris 0

The Commissioner of Baseball these days is very concerned about the Pace of Play in the game. Apparently millennials as a group won't watch baseball because it's not as fast as MLB The Show, and thus the Death of the Game is just a generation away. As my son would say, whatevs. Today Major League Baseball…

Hall of Fame 2017: Chris’ Ballot

December 23, 2016 Chris Jervis 0

Each year, the Baseball Writers' Association of America (BBWAA) presents a ballot to its members listing players eligible to be voted on for entry in to Major League Baseball's Hall of Fame. And each year, this ballot causes great angst among fans, other writers, analysts, and pundits. Questions that normally would be fun baseball banter…

Hall of Fame 2017: Tommy’s Ballot

December 21, 2016 Thomas Poe 0

Over the last two years, the baseball Hall of Fame has welcomed six new members. Unfortunately, that has done little to take care of the backlog of candidates who deserve to be enshrined. What's worse is that each year, more deserving players are added to the mix. 2017 will be no different with 15 returning players and…

Hall of Fame 2017: Dan’s Ballot

December 21, 2016 Dan Horton 1

2017 Hall of Fame Voting, BBWAA and the IBWAA Hall of Fame voting is one of my more favorite times of the year. There is always controversy normally surrounding a few players. Whether it be for PEDs, character issues, or just simply performances that have that player on the cusp of enshrinement. In 2017, there…

MLB Hall of Fame 2017: Andy’s Ballot

December 19, 2016 Andy Harris 0

By my estimation, there are ten players on this year's Baseball Hall of Fame ballot that, based on the criteria for enshrinement established by the Hall of Fame and precedent, are worthy of the vote. Jeff Bagwell Barry Bonds Roger Clemens Vladimir Guerrero Edgar Martinez Mike Mussina Tim Raines Ivan Rodriguez Curt Schilling Larry Walker In…

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