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OFR University is where we will clarify and explain aspects of team operations that have drawn many fan questions over the years. While many fans are aware of who is on the roster, they often are not aware of the rules and limitations that teams have to work within on a daily basis. In addition, we will provide specific examples as they  apply to the Atlanta Braves, where applicable.


Roster Rules

  1. Active List (25-Man Roster)
  2. Reserve List (40-Man Roster)
  3. Inactive Lists (DL, Restricted, etc.)

Player Acquisition

  1. First Year/Amateur Player Draft (Rule 4 Draft)
  2. Free Agency
  3. Waiver Selection
  4. Trade
  5. Winter/Non-Amateur Draft (Rule 5 Draft)
  6. International Free Agency
  7. Postings from Japan and Korea

Service Time

  1. Service Time Accrual
  2. Arbitration
  3. Super Two Status

Player Options

  1. Options Explained
  2. Fourth Year Option
  3. Option Limits


  1. Waiver Periods

Free Agency and Player Contracts

  1. Qualifying Offer

Minor Leagues

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