A Look Back at the Adrian Gonzalez Era

December 19, 2017 Brent Blackwell 0

As I'm sure you heard, yesterday the Braves formally released Adrian Gonzalez. It was a shot to the gut of Braves fans, as it seems like Gonzalez was barely on the roster a day. I guess that's how time goes. You don't really appreciate things until they're gone, and that's likely how it will be…

Braves Transactions: The Matt Kemp Trade

December 17, 2017 Andy Harris 9

The electronic ink wasn't even dry on Tommy Poe's post over on the Walk-Off Walk¬†extolling Braves fans not to get too down about the Braves quiet offseason when the Braves made what is likely their biggest move of the offseason. https://twitter.com/Braves/status/942117221001781248 That's a lot to digest, and fans of both teams were scratching their heads…

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