A Farewell To Frediball

May 23, 2016 Brent Blackwell 0

Last Tuesday, Atlanta fired manager Fredi Gonzalez. It wasn't a particularly shocking move. The Braves, stewards of the worst record in baseball, have an unhappy fanbase hungry for change. Change is what they got. Yes, it's change for the sake of change, and it will have little effect on the 2016 Braves' fortunes (or 2017,…

Braving the Future with Fredi Gonzalez: For Better or for Worse?

July 20, 2015 Micah Smith 4

There are people we love to love, and there are people we love to hate. Then there is Fredi Gonzalez. View image | gettyimages.com The recent news of his contract extension through 2016 (with an option for 2017) highlights just how emotionally conflicted the Atlanta Braves fan base is concerning the team's skipper, with reactions ranging from cheers of…

Fredi Goes Platooning

April 7, 2015 Brent Blackwell 0

There's never too much to glean from Opening Day. With the Braves, despite all the offseason changes, many things were familiar on Monday in Miami. Julio Teheran pitched really well. Andrelton Simmons displayed defensive wizardry. A pretty good bullpen escaped some jams. A good player here had a bad day, a bad player there had…

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