A Look Back at the Adrian Gonzalez Era

December 19, 2017 Brent Blackwell 0

As I'm sure you heard, yesterday the Braves formally released Adrian Gonzalez. It was a shot to the gut of Braves fans, as it seems like Gonzalez was barely on the roster a day. I guess that's how time goes. You don't really appreciate things until they're gone, and that's likely how it will be…

Is help on the way? Potential Atlanta September call-ups….

August 30, 2014 Chris Jervis 2

With Major League rosters slated to expand on Monday, the Atlanta Braves will be calling up several players to fill out the opened active roster spots and, hopefully, provide some needed depth and flexibility in the lineup. But the question is: Who will get the call? Will it be the exciting youngsters that fans want…

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