Answers On The Fly: Merry New Year Edition

January 4, 2016 Chris Jervis 0

Answers On The Fly: A Reader Mailbag Answers On The Fly is our (somewhat) weekly feature where we answer questions submitted by our readers. Mailbag questions can cover a variety of topics and give us a good reading on the interests of you, the reader. Your questions are answered by the expert writing staff at Outfield Fly Rule,…

Answers on the Fly: Reader Mailbag

November 2, 2015 Chris Jervis 0

We are beginning a new column here at Outfield Fly Rule called "Answers On The Fly"  This is  a reader mailbag column, where you, the reader, ask your burning questions to be answered by our experts. We use the term "expert" somewhat loosely in this case, as the questions will be answered by OFR writers Brent Blackwell, Micah Smith,…

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