Braves System Depth 2018: Right Field

February 8, 2018 Andy Harris 0

For the last three seasons, right field has been manned by Nick Markakis, Professional Hitter. Despite the expectations of many, Markakis is one again likely to be the primary right fielder. Last season Braves right fielders provided the 21st-most value at the position according to fWAR. ALSO IN THIS SERIES: First Base Second Base Third…

Braves System Depth: Centerfield

January 10, 2017 Andy Harris 0

In the second installment of our look at system depth by position, we are skipping on to centerfield, because thanks to the 5-year contract extension to Ender Inciarte back on Festivus this is looking like a position of relative stability going into the back-half of the off-season. The drama comes more in the form of…

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